Audio / Video Editing / Production

Author: Matthew Hofman |

"Glenn Miller Strut" is an example of a project where pre-filmed footage was ​supplied to HMS and we edited it all together!

Here is a sample of some of our audio editing work. The client provided raw vocals ​and a track that needed a "mix and fix"

Features: Pair this with our other audio/video packages to get a finished product! Alternatively, provide us with your footage, audio, or song idea and we will fix it up for you!

Describe the benefits: Maybe you already have a great camera or are comfortable with recording your own audio, but don't have the time, tools, or skills to edit and finish your project. This is where we come to the rescue!

  • *Buyer be warned: "A turd is still a turd, no matter how much you polish it!" Capturing great content from step one saves so many headaches down the line!

What will the service do for the customer? ​Takes commitment and limitations of time, tools, or skills off the table for completing a project.

Need your demo or album produced? We do that too!

For more examples, please visit: ​Audio

Platforms we Utilize to Achieve this include:

  • Studio One
  • Ableton Live​
  • Logic Pro X
  • Melodyne
  • iZotope Ozone, RX Advanced
  • Universal Audio Apollo Interfaces
  • Rode Microphones

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